Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre (GECC) is a multi-purpose venue catering to a range of events and performances. We are highly regarded Queensland wide as a venue that represents and delivers excellence on all levels. Whilst recently focusing on growing our brand in the Corporate and Business Events landscape (conferences, conventions and meetings) we have never deviated from our role as the heart of the Gladstone Community represented by our theatre and community program.

Our core business extends across a number of roles – attracting major artists and international corporate functions, discovering, upskilling and fostering the talent within the Region and hosting some of Gladstone’s largest community events forms the purpose of what we do. As such, we engage with every demographic within our community. We excel in what we do and continuously see growth in engagement from our Community Members. In the 2017/18 financial year, we have seen over 74,000 patrons, delegates and guests visit the centre and other external GECC managed venues. As a Corporate Partner of GECC, there are few other professional relationships that afford a business the opportunity to have their brand promoted in such a vast way and with a proven powerful impact.

Based on a shared passion for the Region in which we operate and dedication to service and excellence, GECC invite your business to work with us as part of our Corporate Sponsorship Program.

There are 3 levels of Corporate Sponsorship available each with value well exceeding the investment price and tailored options to ensure maximum benefit for your business.

Our Corporate Sponsors

Central Apartment Group joined the GECC as a Corporate Sponsor in 2017.

Central Apartment Group is an organisation that specialises in the management and operation of apartment hotels across Australia.

The Central Apartment Group philosophy is to create a “home away from home”, allowing you to stretch-out, work and relax in affordable luxury. Their focus is on providing Quality Accommodation and Personalised Service in Superior Locations.

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