GECC Friends of the Theatre

GECC’s volunteers contributed to over 3,000 hours, with a total labour value of more than $139,000 in the past year. With more than 50 Friends of the Theatre at any given time throughout the year, the GECC’s volunteer program is an active and valuable resource to our local theatre and Convention Centre.

Services provided by the Volunteers include ushering, registrations and ‘meet and greet’ for performances, workshops, activities and conferences. These services not only add value to our guest experience, they also play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our guests in emergency evacuation situations.

Wesley Walker receives GECC Hall of Fame Star

The  GECC Hall of Fame award was established in 2017 to recognise individuals or groups that have made significant contributions to the performing arts in the Gladstone Region. The 2021 award recognises the incredible dedication and commitment of an individual whom has been involved in Theatre since childhood.

Since moving to Gladstone over 20 years Wesley has donated significant time to the performing arts. As a RADF Committee member he has helped many local performing artists realise their work and develop their shows.

As part of the Arts Council, or as its known today the Curtis Coast Arts Alliance, he lobbied funding bodies for the Gladstone performing arts Community, and is currently working on the development of a central database for artists, arts workers, and supporters for the Gladstone region.

Not only has he been instrumental in the development of our local performing artists’, he also performed with local theatre companies such as the ‘Bunbury players’, ‘Wild-Goose’ and in our community musicals produced here by GECC.

Lastly, he has for a number of years, acted as president and member of the Gladstone Friends of the Theatre, and worked with the FOTT to support the Gladstone City Theatre and now GECC.

Wesley Walker, thank you for your continued support of the Performing arts in Gladstone. We are honoured to have you as our 2021 Hall of Fame Star recipient.