GECC 2020 Season Guide

GECC are pleased to announce our 2020 Season Program . We are also excited to launch our new slogan, Connect Create Celebrate.

We would like to respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Land in which the Entertainment and Convention Centre stands, the Gooreng Gooreng, The Byellee the Gurang and the Bunda peoples.

For 100’s of years the traditional custodians would meet on these lands and tell stories. Stories of fishing &  hunting, stories to convey emotions and feelings. To teach, and lead.

It is story telling that deeply connects all human beings. Of all races, and backgrounds. Story telling is in our DNA, its how we communicate our experiences and share our knowledge in an engaging way.

This is how we Connect.

In 2020 we are sharing stories through performing arts. Using Drama, Comedy, Music, Magic, and Dance. These stories, tell tales of long lost twins, a day at the beach with family, devotion to a lover, grappling with self identity, and celebrating the lives of iconic artists.

The stories we share do more than entertain. They educate, help us understand to our own emotions and feelings, they give insights and allow us to view the world from a vantage point we would not normally experience.

Sharing these stories, and bringing these story tellers or artists to the Gladstone region, presents us with an opportunity to engage with local artists and audiences and share their craft.

We work with our local community of dancers, comedians, musicians, thespians, and future story tellers, to help them develop and hone their skills, and their ability to articulate a story through the medium of performance. Skills intuitive to all us but mastered by few.

This is how we Create.

Its not all about the performance or the story teller, this is a relationship – between story teller and the audience. A story can’t be shared if there is no one to experience it.

To make it easier for the people to come and experience the story being told we’ve simplified our pricing structures in 2020, and we’ve made our prices more reasonable – Note, not cheap- we’re classy!  – that being said, there are some bargains. You’ll be hard pressed to find Bell Shakespeare or Opera Queensland for a better price!

Why are we doing this? Simple really, we want to share our stories with more people.

We want you to be able to share your experiences with more of your friends colleagues, peers, relatives and family.

So we challenge you in 2020 to invite someone who hasn’t experienced a live performance before. Bring that friend who has sat on the fence or doesn’t get out much. We all know that person…. The reality is they’ll love the night out! Celebrate with your friends and family.

There’s a story in here waiting for you to hear it, and an experience waiting to be shared.

This is how we Celebrate.

We are also thrilled to present our 2020 Combined Schools Musical, The Wizard of Oz. 

The tale of a young girl and her dog whom during a storm are transported to magical world where she kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again… tickets on sale now.